About the Buddies

The “Blind Tasting Buddies” is a social group that meets regularly in Fremont, Seattle.

Led by sommelier Nick Davis, the group is focused on tasting great wines, and meeting new friends.

Nick sends out an email to establish attendance, one week before each session.

Sign up for the email list here.

Regular Tastings:

  • 7pm Thursday, 10am Friday
  • 8+ wines, with education and group discussion
  • Fremont, Seattle
  • Cost: $25 covers the wine
  • See our past tasting sessions

Monthly Field Trips:

  • Once per month, on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday
  • Lunch + Educational Tour (wine, beer, sake, cider, spirits, specialty foods)
  • Seattle area
  • Cost: lunch and beverages
  • See our past field trips