Lovely Aussie Wines – Blind Tasting Buddies

Wine Tasting, March 6th and 8th, 2019

Wine List:

  • 2012 Moorilla, Muse Series, Méthode Traditionelle, Extra Brut, Tasmania, AU
  • Small Island Wines, “Patsies Blush” Rosé, Tasmania, AU
  • 2018 Moorooduc Estate, Pinot Gris “On Skins”, Mornington Peninsula, Port Phillip, AU
  • 2017 Envínate, “Benje” Listán Blanco, Ycoden Daute Isora, Tenerife, ES
  • 2016 Frore de Carme, Envidiacochina, Tête de Cuvée, Albariño, Rías Baixas, Galicia, ES
  • 2014 Henschke, “The Rose Grower” Nebbiolo, Eden Valley, Barossa, AU
  • 2018 Tyrrell’s Wines, Special Release, Shiraz Pinot Noir, Hunter Valley, AU
  • 2016 Campbells, Limited Release Rutherglen Durif, Northeast Victoria, AU
  • 2018 Wynn’s Coonawarra Estate, Coonawarra Late Harvest Riesling, Limestone Coast, AU
  • NV Campbells, Rutherglen Grand Muscat, Northeast Victoria, AU
Australia Route Map

Travel in Australia: Two Week Advanced Route

Basic travel conventions suggest conservative routes, based on a core rendezvous location, with sensible branches for nearby sightseeing. Less typical are whirlwind routes, with a new location for rest each night.

In January 2019, mom and I flew across the Pacific, to see the wonders that Oz has in abundance. Aside from flight time, we spent eleven evenings on the island continent, landing in Sydney and routing a circuitous path from there.

Experiencing a multitude of wineries, climate zones and local animals, each day was filled to the max, yet with an overall relaxed feel. Wine regions ranged from the cool districts of Canberra and Tasmania to the hot Clare Valley and Rutherglen. In total, ten delicious wines were retrieved from the trip as booty, hence the tasting this week.

Shiraz and Semillon may be the better known products of Australian wine, although many more styles are world-class, including rosé, sparkling, late-harvest Riesling and more. The only sad discovery of our trip was that we had to return home, with another visit hopefully awaiting in the near future.

– Nick Davis, March 5th 2019

Attendance, Thursday:

  • Michele D.
  • Nick D.
  • Rachel F.
  • Victor F.
  • Xin F.
  • Chris J.
  • Melanie R.
  • Jonathan V.

Attendance, Friday:

  • Justin A.
  • Nick D.
  • Ryan D.

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